Ernestine’s Corset Manifesto

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The corset is the ultimate statement of womanhood.

While in eras past, the corset has exerted somewhat of a reign of tyranny, in the modern era, corsets are highly coveted and stylized. HOWEVER. As a designer and seamstress, I am horrified by most of the corsets I see for sale. A terrible new genre of corsets has emerged—the “fetish corset”—which seems to have allowed one’s worst made-in-China-out-of-plastic fears to be fully realized. There is no reverence for the rich history of women and their lingerie.

You might be wondering why my corsets are priced as they are. That is precisely why. My garments harken back to a better time, when things were made out of the proper materials by a person who works with their hands by choice and is allowed proper bathroom, tea, and cat-petting breaks. My corsets, therefore, take on almost a life of their own—they leave the studio practically living, breathing objects, because such care has been taken to make them as beautifully crafted, finished, and—most importantly—as well fitting as is humanly possible by a person who has spent years and years honing her abilities in this dying art. Plastic boning is not permitted in my studio. Plastic boning, used in almost all corsets on the market today, has memory, which means that if you sit while you’re wearing it, it will remember that curved shape and curve away from your body when you stand up. So, with my work, you are paying for high-quality materials responsibly sourced, ethical labor, meticulous design, and complete customization to the shape of the wearer. Because women cannot be relegated to numbers or letters. We are far more complex than that.

My corset designs are quite often the result of dreams. I wake up with these ideas. I live and breathe them. Therefore, I feel that it does not compromise my modesty to say that, in purchasing a corset from my boudoir, you are receiving the absolute top of the line quality that is commercially available, with fond wishes in every stitch.

The Siren’s Boudoir

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