About Ernestine

The Siren Ernestine trained to be a professional ballet dancer since the age of 7, and she still takes classes here and there, for ballet is her one true love and the most beautiful thing on the planet. Sicilian in heritage, she  possesses the traits of that vibrant, mercurial culture as well as a decidedly European appearance. Her body radiates her time as a dancer in the way she carries herself, her flexibility, and deep, fiery sensuality. She maintains a strong but elegant musculature through yoga and dance and has a generous rear and small waist. She is highly educated (liberal arts BA), intellectual, and well informed, particularly in the areas of art, politics, and world events (especially as they pertain to the industry).

My greatest goal is to create an atmosphere in which your troubles and worries are left outside the door as you vanish into a brief but alternate world of intense relaxation and transcendent pleasure. You will feel pampered and safe, taken good care of, and left a better version of your already strong and confident self.