“Screening? Oh no! You mean I have to give you my real-life information?”

Hey. I totally get that giving personal info to someone you haven’t met yet can feel like a big leap of faith in this day and age. HOWEVER. Seeing a provider who screens is absolutely a 2-way street. It keeps both of us safe. (If you’d like an explanation of how seeing a provider who screens all her clients makes YOU far less likely to get beat up or arrested, feel free to ask.)

The companion-client relationship requires mutual trust and an understanding that both of us require confidentiality and privacy and, above all, safety.

This is why I will NEVER see a client without one of the following (and please don’t ask):

1. References from two reputable providers you have seen within the last year OR

2. P411 membership (one of our last remaining excellent screening tools–now accepting new members; please contact me if you are interested, I HIGHLY recommend becoming a member) OR

3. A work screening, confirming your identity through your occupation. This information will be treated with UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY and will be deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary. I do not keep detailed logs of clients and their personal information. (Let me know if you are willing to supply me with this information but prefer to do so verbally/over the phone.)

A work screening can be as simple as a LinkedIn profile or an e-mail from your work address with a business domain.

To set up a date, please complete the form below.

Please DO NOT ask if we can “meet in public” instead of a proper screening. Screening is not about a “gut feeling”–it requires actual data about your standing in the world. Additionally, this kind of request immediately sends up a red flag about your safety as a client.

If you are not willing to be screened using one of the methods above, please don’t make contact and waste my time and yours. Thank you.

If you are responding to an ad about a tour, please say as much under “additional comments.”

Please CHECK MY DONATIONS (under “Protocol”) BEFORE SENDING ME THIS FORM OR ANY OTHER FORM OF CONTACT. If my donations do not work for you, do not waste my time. Thank you.