Meeting Ernestine

If you would like to set up a date with me, please fill out the contact form. I love advance bookings. The further out you schedule, the more likely I will be to accommodate your preferences.

I am an equal-opportunity provider! Age, race, etc. don’t matter to me so long as you are a gentleman and in good enough health so that we can both enjoy ourselves.

Electronic donation options are available. Please contact me for details.

Donations, Europe (in Euros):

1 hour: 150

Each additional hour: 150

3-hour dinner date: 350

4-hour dinner date: 450

Overnight: 1000 (deposit required)

Longer adventures priced upon request. (Scroll down for couples and doubles!)

An overnight is 14-ish hours usually commencing around 7pm and consisting of dinner and a nice bottle of wine followed by a roll in the proverbial (French-perfume-scented) hay. After all the fun, I prefer my own bed so that we can both get a good night’s sleep (please warn me in advance if you snore!). A steaming cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar is also compulsory if morning fun is to ensue!

I plan my dates meticulously based on your tastes and my life around appointments with you, so please book accordingly.


What can I say. I hate cancellations. I  understand that life happens, but I take scheduling very seriously and find cancellations both extremely inconvenient and, depending on the circumstances, often quite inconsiderate. it is very likely that I turned away others because your date was already reserved. Please confirm your travel, meeting, and soccer game plans before making a booking!!!

If you must cancel, my policy is as follows: If less than 48 hours in advance, please send half the expected donation promptly via PayPal ( If less than 24 hours in advance, I require the full amount within 24 hours. If online transactions are a problem for you, alternatives can be discussed, but cancellation fees must be received within 24 hours of the expected time of the date that was cancelled. If you can reschedule within 1 week of the planned date, your cancellation payment will be applied to the donation for that visit. If I don’t receive a payment within the required time or don’t hear from you at all, I may feel the need to blacklist you, which will seriously affect your ability to schedule with providers in the future. Please bear this in mind. Thank you.

If you are inclined to be extra gentlemanly, gifts are always welcome (see Things I Love).


Couples sessions are a delight.  I adore making women feel like princesses, satisfying what seems to be on every dude’s bucket list, and particularly, being a part of keeping things spicy in a committed relationship. My couples donations are as follows (in Euros, Europe only):

1 hour: 250

2 hours: 500

4-hour dinner date: 900

Each additional hour: 200

Overnight: 2000


I love playing with a gent and one of my esteemed fellow providers. Please prepare two separate donations, one for each companion. *I do ask that if my companion has a higher rate than me, that we are both compensated equally; and vice versa if her rate is lower than mine.

Doubles with two gentlemen

For twice the usual donation, I will entertain two gentlemen, lavishing them both with my attention for a heightened sensual experience.


Please leave your donation out in the open at the beginning of the date. Please greet me freshly clean. If you plan on sampling the “buffet,” please arrive stubble-free.

***Newsflash: I love the ballet! (Surprise, surprise.) Take me to a performance or opera and enjoy my company gratis for the duration (recommended: a 4-hour “bookend” date including cocktails before the performance–1 hour–and dinner and *dessert*–3 hours–afterward). And I will like you a lot.

I also adore the theatre and the symphony.

Donations, US (that’s right, the criminalization tariff):

1 hour: $550

1 1/2 hours: $700

2 hours: $850

Each additional hour: $400

3-hour dinner date: $1250 (Exciting news: I have found a restaurant close enough to make this possible in Waltham! I hope you like Italian.)

4-hour dinner date: $1750

Overnight: $2500 (Only for established friends or new friends with IMPECCABLE references. Deposit required.)


1 hour: $950 (incall only)

2 hours: $1700

4-hour dinner date: $2600

Each additional hour: $800

Overnight: $ 5000


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with further questions.

*For international rates, please contact me or see my international ads.

My donations are for my TIME and COMPANIONSHIP only. Anything else that occurs is between two consenting adults.
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